Nigeria Approves National Policy for Blockchain-Powered Economy


Nigeria has taken a significant step towards a digital economy by approving a national policy for blockchain technology. The policy was developed by the Federal Ministry of Communications and Digital Economy, marking a pivotal moment in the country’s transition towards a blockchain-powered economy.

Vision of the Policy: Embracing Blockchain

The policy’s vision is to create a blockchain-powered economy that enables secure transactions, data sharing, and value exchange among individuals, businesses, and the government. The ministry believes that the implementation of the policy will foster innovation, trust, growth, and prosperity across all sectors.

Policy Details: Regulating Blockchain Deployment

While the policy document has not been made public, the Federal Executive Council has directed regulatory bodies like the Central Bank of Nigeria and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to develop regulatory instruments for blockchain technology deployment.

This directive is a significant step in the country’s digital economy transition, with the potential to create immense opportunities for Nigerian businesses and the government.

Crypto Crackdown: What You Need to Know

It’s worth noting that the tweet from the ministry did not mention cryptocurrencies, which were previously cracked down on by the government in 2021 after Nigeria emerged as one of the fastest digital asset adopters globally. However, the SEC is considering allowing tokenized coin offerings backed by equity, debt, or property (but not crypto) on licensed digital asset exchanges.

This move shows the government’s openness to emerging technologies while still prioritizing regulations to ensure safety and security.

Implementation Oversight: Steering Committee

To ensure the smooth implementation of the policy, a multi-sectoral Steering Committee has been approved, according to the statement. The committee will oversee the deployment of blockchain technology across various sectors of the economy.

What’s Next for Nigeria’s Digital Economy?

Nigeria’s approval of the national policy for a blockchain-powered economy is a significant milestone towards the country’s digital economy transition. It highlights the government’s commitment to embrace emerging technologies and transform its economy.

As more and more countries adopt blockchain technology, Nigeria’s blockchain-powered economy could pave the way for other developing countries to follow suit.