Polygon Launches New zkEVM Bridge, Allowing Quick and Autonomous Transactions


Polygon, the layer-2 scaling solution for Ethereum, has announced the launch of a new bridge focused on its zkEVM solution. This new bridge brings several UX improvements and supports many ERC-20 and ERC-777 tokens, as well as an autonomous mapping functionality.

According to reports, the new bridge offers quick withdrawals, a significant improvement over other bridges that require hours of manual token mapping before a transaction can be completed. Polygon’s autonomy mapping maps tokens automatically when a transaction is triggered, providing a faster and more convenient experience for users.

Powered by ZK technology, Polygon’s new bridge inherits Ethereum’s security features and is suitable for scaling. Bridges powered by zero knowledge technology are better than those using other technologies because they are governed entirely by smart contracts, one on Ethereum and one on Polygon’s zkEVM.

Polygon Bridge for zKEVM

Polygon’s zkEVM solution was launched on March 27 after rigorous testing, and the new bridge is part of the platform’s continuous development. The team has implemented some minor UX improvements based on community feedback, such as a more visible progress bar, transaction history, and a recent transaction panel designed with a color code system progress bar. Additionally, the upgrade includes features like estimated time for a pending transaction, the ability to filter transactions, and many more upgrades.

Polygon has already seen increasing adoption of its zkEVM layer-2 solution, with many teams building on it, including infrastructure providers, dApps, and gaming projects. These teams include Alchemy, The Graph, ANKR, Sequence, Midnight Society, Oath of Peak, Balancer, Lens, and others. More recently, Uniswap passed a proposal to launch on zkEVM.

Polygon’s new zkEVM bridge brings several improvements that enhance the platform’s user experience and transaction speed. Its autonomous mapping functionality and ZK technology make it a secure and scalable option for those looking to transact on Polygon’s network. With increasing adoption and more teams building on it, Polygon’s zkEVM solution is poised for even greater success in the future.