Sui Network Delays Token Sale and Warns Users of Phishing Emails

Sui Network

The Sui Network has issued a warning to its users to be vigilant of phishing emails as the SUI token sale is being delayed. The official release states that the sale of token recognition has been postponed due to the delay in reviewing data-collecting initiatives.

The trading platform has been alerted to change the appropriate sales schedule. Additionally, the Sui Network has informed its users that it has not sent emails to any community members in the previous 24 hours requesting verification information, so caution is advised. 

The community was thrilled by the SUI token of the Sui Network after Arbitrum, but the creators have clarified that there will be no airdrop but rather a pre-sale at a reduced price. Sui Network is a well-known name in the community, and many look forward to it because of the team’s separation from Facebook’s Diem project.

After the market’s popular airdrop deals, such as Arbitrum’s airdrop, the community expected Sui to materialize and reach the community in the same manner.

However, everything seems to have gone against many people’s expectations. A series of announcements and instructions on how to get the SUI token airdrop has been posted on the social network Twitter.

Adeniyi Abiodun, co-founder and CPO of Mysten Labs, has formally confirmed that there will be no airdrop plans. Instead, Sui Network revealed a plan to offer SUI tokens to the community early through a limited number of exchanges.

Sui mentioned in its community access program requirements that champions were moderators and testers who made substantial contributions to the network.

Although this did not sit well with the community, Abiodun said that its Mainnet was closed and would not be extended beyond the second quarter. Nonetheless, Sui remains a project to be excited about in the crypto world.