Cardano evolves into third largest Cryptocurrency


Cardano evolves into third largest Cryptocurrency by Market Capitalization.

The ADA token

ADA is the native Cryptocurrency of the Cardano Blockchain that is overseen by the Cardano Foundation which is an independent standards body Incharge of supervision and advancement of Cardano and the Cardano Ecosystem. ADA was launched in 2017 as a third generation blockchain that aimed to compete with Ethereum and other Dapp platforms.

On its roadmap which ranged from Byron, Shelley, Goguen, Basho and Voltaire. One phase after another the ADA Blockchain has gone from improvement to improvement on its offer of the best blockchain to the Cryptocurrency sphere.

The Goguen Phase

This is the phase that introduces Smart Contract capabilities to the ADA Blockchain. This will make the Blockchain on par with Ethereum with Decentralized-finance applications and NFTs.

The Price Surge

Ada Cardano
Ada All time price Chart

NeboFinance can see that information from Cryptocurrency data aggregation site CoinmarketCap shows that ADA last all time high was $1.33 from a low of $0.44 on 28th January 2018 and then dumped to as low as $0.07 March 2020.

Cardano to third largest Market Cap

ADA on the 13th of August briefly overtook Stablecoin USDT and Binance Chain to be come the third ranked Cryptocurrency according to Market Capitalization this was in lieu to the pending Alonzo Fork that implements Smart Contract on the Blockchain.

Cardano Ada
Ada Market Cap

The feat was temporary as it has since long corrected in price. Following the postponed Alonzo Fork implementation.