The Foundation of Healthy Trading: The Book

The Foundation of Healthy Trading

The Foundation of Healthy Trading is a book which records accurately “Profit Making Techniques based on Market Price action analysis and trading performances.

Written by Engr. KNC Makoje, who is a Seasoned Trader, an Investor and Entrepreneur. This book is his latest work in a bid of educating and guiding newbies and advanced trader on how to navigate the market and do so profitably. His 7 years experience of trading the Cryptocurrency and Forex Market is detailed therein.

Are you looking to learn how to trade, Trading already or looking for how to better navigate the Spot Market, Futures Market or Derivatives, then this is just the tool you need. You can call it the Jack Knife of an everyday trader.

The Foundation of Healthy Trading

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The Foundation of Healthy Trading

is a book you should get if you want to be and stay profitable.