Smooth Love Portion cracks the roof

Smooth Love Portion

Smooth Love Portion cracks the roof before off season.

The world of NFTs has been booming lately and there has been a lot of NFT based tokens that has seen their prices become so volatile. Many of these NFTs has set new all time highs, though a hot lot more has been below their top prices following the entire markets recent downtown.

Smooth Love Portion has a funny name but the prices has been surging and its been no where near funny for those who had a bag of it as they are in heavy profit. As the entire market was tanking over the week, the token didn’t take a break as it kept surging.

What is Smooth Love Portion?

SLP tokens represent the experience points earned in battles and quests and must be spent to allow players’ Axies to breed. Unlike the native token of the Axie Infinity Blockchain Games, AXS. It is experience point reward earned by players. The tokens can be traded outside of the game environment on exchanges.

Nebo Finance research on the token shows that the token has been soaring in price due to latest development around the games ecosystem where players can earn SLP tokens for in game adventures.