Breaking News: Alleged Political Ties Between Terra Founder Do Kwon and Montenegro Prime Minister

Montenegro Prime Minister

According to Montenegro Prime Minister Dritan Abazović, Terra founder Do Kwon is suspected of having political connections with the president of the Europe Now political party, Milojko Spajić. The Prime Minister, along with outgoing Justice Minister Marko Kovac and the Special State Prosecution Office, received a letter from Do Kwon claiming that he had financially supported Europe Now.

Montenegro Prime Minister and Do Kwon

In response to the letter, Prime Minister Dritan Abazović read the handwritten document and forwarded it to the prosecutor’s office for further investigation. The letter reveals Do Kwon’s alleged ties with Milojko Spajić, dating back to 2018. Spajić, who is also the president of Europe Now, is accused of receiving financial support from Do Kwon.

Following this revelation, Prime Minister Dritan Abazović, political parties, and non-governmental organizations called for an investigation by the Special State Prosecution into the alleged links between Do Kwon and Milojko Spajić.

The Prime Minister expressed concern about the situation, stating that Montenegro should not become a safe haven for global fraudsters, regardless of their use of blockchain technology or any other means.

In response to the accusations, Spajić denied any involvement with Do Kwon and claimed to have reported his presence in the country to the Minister of Interior, Filip Adzic. However, Prime Minister Dritan Abazović contradicted this statement, stating that it was not true.

Spajić acknowledged knowing Do Kwon since 2018, as they were friends and the company he worked for had invested in the Terra project. He expressed satisfaction in reporting Do Kwon to the authorities due to their previous association.

During his tenure as Finance Minister, Spajić actively promoted the crypto industry in Montenegro. Notably, Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin was granted Montenegrin citizenship in April of this year. Buterin and Spajić also played a role in promoting the Ethereum Development Conference held in May 2023.

In a separate development, the Montenegro Basic Court recently approved the bail request of Do Kwon and former chief financial officer Han Chang-joon for the second time on June 2. However, the bail is subject to certain conditions, including compliance with court summons and surveillance measures.

On June 7, Montenegro prosecutors appealed against the court’s decision regarding the ongoing passport forgery case involving Do Kwon and Han Chang-joon. Prosecutors argue that both individuals should remain in custody. The appeal will now be reviewed by the Montenegro High Court, which will make the final decision.